The team of “Beratung Studiengangsentwicklung“ (en. Advisors for Development of Study Programs) supports KIT staff members regarding process optimization in program administration. We also guide and advise the KIT departments through the process of establishing and further developing their study programs, especially regarding the formal criteria outlined in the “Eckpunktepapier” (key points paper) and regulations imposed by KMK (Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs), the German Accreditation Council and the Studienakkreditierungsverordnung Baden Württemberg (state decree for accreditation). Our focus lies on seamless integration of all program-related documents (study and examinations regulations, module handbook, study plan and graduation documents) and on technical support for program administration. In addition to this, we advise and support KIT departments during the initial and repeated accreditation of their programs (KIT-PLUS), and during the fulfillment of conditions imposed by KIT-PLUS, including changes to the program. To offer you the best possible service, we work closely with the Business Units HAA (Higher Education Law and Academic Affairs), SLE-CPM (technical implementation of study programs in CAMPUS and POS), STS-QM (Quality Management, coordination of KIT-PLUS) and SCC-ISL (technical department).

Our services include:

  • Supporting implementation and further development of study programs:
    • Advice and guidance through the process of establishing a new program, especially with simultaneous accreditation (KIT-PLUS)
    • Advice for KIT departments concerning formal criteria for module handbooks and study plans
    • Defining and implementing necessary administrative processes in close cooperation with the KIT department
    • Coordinating the technical implementation of the program in CAMPUS with the KIT department, SLE-CPM and SCC-ISL
  • Supporting active study programs:
    • Initial review of standard questions in examination law, if necessary in cooperation with HAA
    • Analysis of irregularities in program administration, e.g. concerning digital registration to exams or graduation documents
    • Assessment of external and KIT internal formal criteria for study programs in KIT-PLUS
    • Optimization of administrative processes
  • Communication/Information:
    • Joint information events regarding accreditation (with STS-QM)
    • Providing online resources about regulations for and administration of study programs

Students and prospective students should please direct their concerns directly to the “Studierendenservice” (Students Services), the Student Advisory Service (ZSB) or the contact points of the KIT departments.

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