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Contact at the KIT

International Students Office (IStO)

The International Students Office is the single point of contact for all international students and applicants.

Zentrum fuer Information und Beratung (zib)

Student counseling services at the KIT and first point of contact for all questions in regards to studying.

General Students' Committee (AStA)

The general students’ committee (AStA) operates a department for foreigners at the KIT that initiates and coordinates offers for refugees.


The "KIT Study Ambassador" program is sponsored by the DAAD with funds made available by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Offers for Refugees

KIT Study Ambassadors

The KIT Study Ambassadors program promotes study and working guidance for refugees in the Karlsuhe region. KIT students visit temporary accommodations / refugee initiatives in the Karlsruhe region on request and offer guidiance in the following languages: Arabic, Amharic, English, French, Pashto, Panjabi, Urdu or Tigrinya.

KIT Study Ambassadors are students of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. They come from different scientific backgrounds.

Costs for this program are covered by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) - there are no costs or obligations for institutions asking for guidance.

Additional information about the program as well as contacts


Auditing Program

Persons interested in selected lectures at the KIT may audit or sit in on these lectures should there be enough capacity. The KIT will open this program to refugees starting in the winter semester 2015/16. Auditors are not fully enrolled students – there is no enrollment – and no credit or certification is given. The KIT offers a structured schedule to any refugee seeking admission to the auditing program.

The first step in order to be admitted as an auditor is individual counselling at the Zentrum fuer Information und Beratung.


Study Guidance

MOOC: Ready for Study - The course is offered for refugees interested in studying in Germany. Learn about the German system of higher education, improve your language skills and acquire an extensive set of competencies to prepare for your studies in Germany. 

The TU9-SelfAssessment is offering guidance for any international applicant who is interested in a study program in mathematics, informatics, sciences or engineering. Taking the self-assessment test should help in choosing the right program. The test may be taken in either German or English.


Student Counseling / Educational Guidance / Career Counseling

The Karlsruhe region offers the Karlsruher Weg – a broad variety of offers including counseling and information offices which are also open to any refugee – aside of the local institutions of higher education, the Chamber of Trade and the Chamber of Commerce also offer information with a focus on dual vocational education and training.


German Language Courses

Prospective students with at least A2-level German but not enough knowledge of the German language for any study program may attend German language courses offered by the ASTA. The courses are open to all enrolled students and those prospective students who want to study in Germany.

Additional information about German language courses offered at the KIT will be published end of November.

German language courses online:


Study Preparation at the MINT-Kolleg

The MINT-Kolleg offers courses for prospective students. In these courses, the basic principles in mathematics, informatics, physics and chemistry will be taught. Refugees may audit these preparation courses. The courses will be held during the semester lecture times.


Study Preparation Online

Online bridge course mathematics (TU9) in German: With the help of the online bridge course mathematics, refugees may review and refresh their knowledge in mathematics. The online course comprises both testing and learning units and is oriented towards current subject materials.



Start or continuation of a study program in Baden-Wuerttemberg is not tied to a certain legal status. Allowed or tolerated foreigners may start or continue a study program just like all other foreign prospective students. University entrance qualifications are necessary.

Prospective students should first use the admission portal for international students. An online interview in both German and English offers help during the admission process for a study program at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). During the interview, prospective students are able to check if they meet the admission requirements. If they meet the admission requirements, they will be forwarded to the online admission application after the interview.


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