Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Regular program length: 4 semester (full-time program)

Credit points (ECTS): 120 credit points

Language of instruction: German or English

Limited capacity:
First semester: no
Higher semester: no
Application possible for:
First semester: winter and summer term
Higher semester: winter and summer term
Application deadline:
First semester:  September 30 for winter term, March 31 for summer term
Higher semester: September 30 for winter term, March 31 for summer term

Degree and duration

Regular program length of 2 years leading to a "Master of Science (M.Sc.)" degree; 120 credit points (corresponding to the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System - ECTS) must be completed. Individual prorgram length may differ from regular program length.

Program structure

This is a consecutive degree program which requires a bachelor's degree in the same or a related study field. The program comprises a compulsory portion of 19 credit points, electives of 71 credits points and a master's thesis of 30 credit points. Compulsory modules are:

  • numerical methods in geosciences
  • map charting and geodata processing
  • project survey or internship

Electives are three-tiered (core competences, geoscientific specialization, subject-related supplements). Students can choose between these three profiles:

  • Energy, Resources & Storage
  • Hydro- & Engineering Geology
  • Mineralogy & Geochemistry

Alternatively, modules can be choosen freely among these profiles. Only the profile Energy, Resources & Storage can be studied in English.

In the master’s program of Applied Geosciences, advanced scientific and analytical method skills are developed. With its three profiles, the master’s degree offers a specialization in the areas of GeoEnergy and Raw Materials, Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, or Mineralogy and Geochemistry. For students with a broad range of interests, numerous modules from the three profiles are available. The master’s thesis fulfills the requirements for a scientific qualification. The graduates of the master’s degree are proficient in independent planning, conception and implementation of geological projects and can apply the obtained knowledge in a professional setting.

Excerpt from the diploma supplement of the study program

Graduates of Applied Geosciences are offered a multitude of possibilites in engineering offices, business consultancies or in other areas of the industry (construction industry, mining, oil industry, drilling industry, water supply works...) as well as in administration, administrative bodies and orginazations. The work area ranges from renewable energy, ground water exploitation and protection to exploitation and restoration of residual waste, survey and exploration of natural resources, prognosis and prevention of natural disasters to preservation of the environment. Aside of a direct start in a professional career, graduates with very good grades can also consider a doctorate which can offer a subsequent career in research and teaching.

Admission requirements

Briefly summarized, admission requirements for Applied Geosciences Master are as follows:

  • an above-average bachelor's degree or equivalent in applied geosciences or in a degree program with essentially the same content of at least 3 years duration and based on a minimum of 180 ECTS credit points
  • necessary minimum requirements in the following fields:
    • geosciences: completed coursework of at least 60 credit points
    • chemistry: completed coursework  of at least 10 credit points
    • mathematics or physics: completed coursework of at least 15 credit points combined
    • an additional 20 credit points at least in an additional field of mathematics / natural sciences or geosciences

Language skills necesarry for international applicants

International applicants need to submit proof of the following language skill:

  • German language skills: for application, skills of at least B1-level are necessary. All certificates are accepted; a certificate of attendance of a B1-level course is sufficient. For enrollment, a DSH2 certificate or equivalent needs to be presented.
  • or English language skills of at least B2-level, e.g. proven by Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of at least 90 points in the internet-based test or equivalent. Proof of English language skills is not required for applicants who
    • have completed a degree program at a university with English as the sole language of instruction
    • have attended at least 5 years of English language classes in secondary school, can provide a higher education entrance qualification and have received minimum grades of 4 (sufficient, D) or at least 5 points in the last two school years of these English language classes.
    Can proof of sufficient knowledge of the English language not be provided until the end of the application deadline, admission can be granted under the provision that one of the above-mentioned certificates of the English language will be provided during enrollment.

Contact the International Students Office for additional information.

Application for the 1st semester

Application for a higher semester

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