"Higher semesters" are those semesters in a degree program that follow the first semester. Should you have completed courses at KIT or at another university, you might be able to have them recognized and apply for a higher semester. Admittance to some of the degree programs at KIT isn't only restricted for the first semester, but also for all higher semester.  To find out whether acces to a degree program is also restricted for higher semester, please consult the information of the website for that degree program.

Consultation necessary from 3rd academic semester on

Should you wish to change your major in or after your 3rd academic semester, you are required to take part in a mandatory consultation session according to the "Landeshochschulgesetz Baden-Württemberg" (§60 par. 2, no. 5 LHG). Thus should you be in your 3rd or a higher academic semester, you must attach a "Beratungsnachweis" (attestation about talking part in a mandatory consultation session) with your application. You are able to obtain the "Beratungsnachweis" either from the student advisory services (ZSB) or from theacademic advisor of the degree program you want to apply for.

Why the need for consulation?

In case of a change of a major, several things need to be considered:

  • is a change of major even possible (e.g. loss of entitlement to an examination)?
  • is it possible or useful to start in a higher semester?
  • will I lose BAfoeG funding? How can I then finance my studies?
  • is a change the best solution or will I go from bad to worse? Are there different options that are more sensible?

In order to facilitate a successful start in another degree program, a change of major needs to be carefully considered and planned. You certainly wouldn't want to have to consider another change of major on top. Thus, taking part in a consultation session is mandatory if you are in your 3rd academic semester or beyond. You contact at KIT is thestudent advisory services (ZSB). Those in their first or second academic semester can take part in such a consultation session on a voluntary basis.