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Contact at the KIT

International Students Office (IStO)

The International Students Office is the single point of contact for all international students and applicants.

Zentrum fuer Information und Beratung (zib)

Student counseling services at the KIT and first point of contact for all questions in regards to studying.

General Students' Committee (AStA)

The general students’ committee (AStA) operates a department for foreigners at the KIT that initiates and coordinates offers for refugees.


The "KIT Study Ambassador" program is sponsored by the DAAD with funds made available by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

KIT Study Ambassadors For Refugees

Course of Events on Site

A visit of the KIT Study Ambassadors can be organized in many different ways - typically, it consists of a presentation or a specialized information session. The following organizational aspects need to the considered:

  • Registration: Please hand in several proposed dates with your registration. Evening dates during the week are also possible.
  • Group size: A group size of not more than 10 attendees is suggested. The group size also depends on the room size on site.
  • Duration: Plan for a 90 to 120 mins session.
  • Nationality / Language: The presentation is specifically held in one particular language. Therefore all attendees should be from the same region, e.g. the Arabic region or North Africa, and everyone should speak the same language, if possible. Among others, discussed are the various entry requirements for studying at a German university depending on citizenship.
  • Order of events: The KIT Study Ambassadors first will talk about their own experience at the KIT. Then, they will inform about the following topics with the help of a short presentation: The KIT - the research university in the Helmholtz Association; orientation in studies, self assessment, entry requirements, German knowledge, German language courses, financing your studies, other universities and institutions of higher education, dual vocational education and training. Following this, participants are able to ask questions.
  • Additional events: The amount of appointments with the KIT Study Ambassadors is not limited. Therefore, the KIT Study Ambassadors are able to visit institutions more than once: Attention: The KIT Study Ambassadors program is currently running only until the end of October.
  • Goal: After the presentation, each attendee should know what their next steps are in order to successfully start with their studies or an apprenticeship.

During he run of the first pilot projects, the KIT has experienced that volunteers at the institutions usually like to participate in these events as well. Any volunteers who wish to attend these presentations are welcome. All presentations are supported by English presentation material. Each KIT Study Ambassador speaks the German language fluently. Furthermore, we have experienced that these events will not run smoothly every time. However, all of our KIT Study Ambassadors are flexible in nature and are able to improvise if needed.


Request KIT Study Ambassadors

By using our online form, you can easily request one of our KIT Study Ambassadors. We will respond ASAP. 

Our KIT Study Ambassadors are gladly looking forward to working with you as together, we are able to provide important orientation for the refugees. 

Additional information can be provided via email or via phone: +49 721 - 608 44930.

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