Our workshops are geared to all students who have doubts about their selected major or are in need of a re-orientation. Students who need information about a certain major are welcome to join in our info sessions about degree programs. Please note that we currently offer these workshops only in German.

You can register for a workshop in our event calendar.

Get out, change course, start new…

Where do I stand in my studies?

  • am I still interested, am I still having fun?
  • can I cope with university?
  • did I look at things the wrong way?

What do I do now?

  • do I continue my studies with newfound motivation?
  • do I change my major?
  • should I consider vocational training instead of studying?

Over the course of two afternoon sessions, we - student advisors and job counselors - would like to discuss these matters with you.

This info session is geared to students who have either already lost their entitlement to an examination or are in danger of losing it. We will talk about the following topics:

  • losing the entitlement to an examination - what does it mean and what are the consquences?
  • how can I recover the entitlement to an examination?
  • re-orientation: what options do I have?
  • changing your major or university

During the session, you are able to ask questions concerning your own personal matters.

A small group workshop for students of KIT who wish to change their major.

Topics are:

  • learning from your previous experiences
  • get to know a profound strategy to choose a major
  • build your own profile (skill sets, interests, values, goals)
  • resolving certain issues
  • specific research
  • planning your next steps
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