The KIT would like to support you during your first year in the best possible way and therefore offers many different services such as

  • advisory services
  • mentoring programs
  • events
  • workshops
  • online information

Many of these offers can be found either at your KIT-Department or at central business units and facilities of the KIT.
Important information for newly enrolled students

What should you not miss as a first-year student at KIT? What do you need to consider for a good start into your studies?

How to organize your studies

Who can answer my questions? How do I organize myself for a good start into my studies? How is studying at university different from school and what do I need to consider?

 jcomp / Freepik
Support and advise

Who can help if things don't run smoothly? Who can advise me in my learning techniques and who can teach me tips and tricks for my studies?

Wohnen und Leben in Karlsruhe
Living in Karlsruhe

Many know Karlsruhe only as the place of the two highest courts in Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court and the Federal Supreme Court. But both Karlsruhe and the KIT have to offer a lot more than just that!

International matters

No matter if you are coming from a foreign country to the KIT or want to go to a foreign country as KIT exchange student - there are several different places of contact for every question you might have.